yoyoexpert.com Expert Strings

I got these bad boys in the mail along with a few other items, that I had been waiting for. I had really low expectations for this string, I figured it was gimmicky and that it would be the same quality as the 100% Poly string already sold by yoyoexpert (my main string, until recently). I put them aside, and figured I’d use them when the need came up. During one practice session I finally decided I might as well give them a shot, so I took the string box (it looks pretty cool) and pulled out one of the blue strings and twisted it on my yoyo, cut it to the right length, and finally gave it a throw. Let me say, these are awesome strings, phenomenal!

String Feel

  • The string feels great wrapped around your finger, you barely feel it, but it still feels like its there. When you throw the yoyo, it glides across your fingers like no ones business. It isn’t overly thick, but it isn’t overly thin, and it works really well with my main throw (YYF Northstar)

Who would I recommend it to?
Probably intermediate’s going on to advanced. It’s a great string for getting used to thinner strings, and it helps with binds a lot. It feels great on the finger and it gives you relief while gaining your callous.

My rating 9/10, it would be a perfect ten if it came in more colors, and the string is too bouncy until the string is thrown a few times.

Wow, thanks! The recommendation would be great for me!

I love expert strings maybe more then kitty.

Softeness:5, Durability:7, Tension:7, Size: Little Narrower than normal. Thought the strings played better (and Higher Quality) then Kitty string/YYE normal and lasted long enough to “cover” the additional costs. I didn’t enjoy the feel of the string as much. It was harder and harsher on skin then the normal YYE strings and Kitty String. Would still recommend bang for buck. It is a little narrower than the traditional string, which is nice, especially for your throws that don’t like thicker string. Consider myself an intermediate thrower.