String for beginner?


I just got my DM2 after reading that its a nice yoyo to learn with. I’ve been watching random utube and vids on here to learn the basic mounts/tricks and have slowly started landing on the string with side mount and 1.5 fronts. I’m burning my fingers up and have to untwist the string after every couple throws (just a little to make sure I don’t get any tilt). I know a good throw will rid the tilt but still manage to get it spinning sideways a lot right now.

What’s a good string for beginners and easy on the fingers?

Thanks and great forum!


yye poly, or kitty string. cheap, you can buy it in bulk, and it will perform adequately. I still use both after 2 years of throwing.


Kitty string is really good n I also like toxic string. I’m ordering some stinglab this weekend to see how I like it.


Thanks but what is the YYE? Just the Yoyo expert but poly from here? If so I see different combos of material for it? So poly is best for not eating fingers but is harder to have good feel with correct?


Not sure what you mean about feel. It’s softer than non synthetic material like cotton, and has a smaller coefficient of friction, so it’s less responsive.


Any toxic string in particular? Sorry I’m extremely new. Just got the DM2 today n have like 3 hours of throw on it. Had a brain type yoyo when was like 10 and didn’t even know that’s what it was until I bought my daughter a $3 Duncan butterfly at Walmart and couldn’t get it to sleep a week or so ago. Made me mad and broke string in like 20 minutes of frustrated throwing. That’s when searched for decent beginner yoyo and ordered DM2. Now getting into it pretty quickly lol.


Just something thought I read about the difference between poly, cotton, and 50/50. Thought I read out of the three poly was harder to have a feel. I could be mistaken on what I read or it could have been wrong. I’m a noob. Unboxed today n only been reading for past week.


If you’re a middle aged noob, welcome to the club. I’m 2-3 weeks into this and in my 40s. I’m a few weeks ahead of you, I can say a few things that might help, since I can relate to where you are:

The different string is not all that different from each other at this stage. I am not finding a noticeable difference as someone working through the intermediate list. I bought some of the different string, and the kitty string here is what I am using most right now. I like it:

Also, to work on getting a straight throw, follow the full motion Andre shows in this video:

notice how his whole arm and hand move in a perfectly straight line. Practice using body alignment and following the straight line path like he does in this, but don’t worry about a “strong” sleeper right away. Just focus on a smooth throw. It will come along quickly if you stay focused on this every throw. If you throw a bad throw, use that as a reminder to focus on your form for the next throw.


Well I’m not sure about the whole feel thing you’re talking about, but polyester is the choice of 99% of throwers. Only exceptions I could think of would be for 2a (looping, 50/50 is generally best) or playing with a fixed axle (again, 50/50 is good). Have fun, welcome to the forums and hobby! :slight_smile:


Yeah I realize that many use it after a little more reading but this was one of first vids I watched about strings

Thanks all! Will order couple of the mentioned strings you all advised and see how they are.


personally I find yotricks a little underwhelming, the store doesn’t have a particularly wide range, and the tutorials aren’t as clear as the ones here on YYE.

100% poly has plenty of feel particularly the Kitty string, but if you’re still using the narrow responsive bearing I wouldn’t recommend anything as thick as Kitty, as tricks on the front and split bottom mounts may give you issues, I had to use a small washer just so I could do brain twister when I was still using that bearing.

so I’d probably recommend type 6 poly for now, it’s common and cheap, and once you’re playing unresponsive try something like the Kitty string and you’ll be quite happy, but really I’ve found that string hasn’t changed how my yoyo plays as much as it’s changed how it feels wrapped around my fingers, and if it’s your throw hand finger that’s the issue try taping it up that should help a lot.


Bulk polys. Great, cheap, and will last you a good while.


Yye poly isn’t soft… If your starting out and ahvent developed a callous yet i dont think kitty is that soft either… Get candy wires type s, get the 100-pack, it should last you a while…


The difference between strings are negligible at best for someone who is learning.
If you’re using a non fixed axle yoyo, get any kind of polyester string that you seem to like the most (looks, price, etc). If you’re using a fixed axle yoyo, buy cotton string, I’ve read that polyester melts on fixed axles.


I would recommend Dragon toxic strings. Soft,resilient, and lasts forever.


Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly, but what does string have to do with your yoyo tilting? How does unwinding the string help with tilt? The tilt has to do with the throw, not the string.

But, like many others have recommended, Kitty String is great (Either the regular poly, Nylon, or 1.5), and so is Candy Wires, which I find to be softer. If I were you, I would just buy some bulk poly strings. This early on, string really isn’t a big factor; it doesn’t matter too much. When you get in to stuff like slack tricks, then you want to start worrying about string. :slight_smile:


The string twisting and tilt I mentioned was me losing control of the yoyo trying to learn tricks and it spinning on its side when trying to return it. I only start any trick/mount if the sleep throw is good. Sorry I realize I didn’t make myself clear about the twisting. It seems like after a couple minutes the string is really tight and I have to let it untwist itself.

The string burn is/was bad form on non throw hand index finger. I have thrown about 3-4 hours I would guess and have gotten past it I think. Was going really too slow on split bottom back flip. Now have it down without string burn. Wife was videoing my messing around and actually completed front mount with front and back flips. Getting somewhere I’m hoping.

Thanks all again! And will get some yye strings to test out.


YYE strings are soft compared to other brands, trust me… Get candy wires type S, it’s made to be soft, get a 100 pack and you’re set


If you’re just learning, I would highly suggest standard Kitty String.

In addition to being a good solid basic string, it also serves as a very good reference point if you decide to branch out to more exotic/premium strings. You’ll find lots of references to the string you’re already familiar with in online reviews. This will enable you to make an educated purchase later on.

Additionally, since it’s so cheap, it will encourage you to experiment with your string, try different lengths, change it out frequently, etc. Once your style and experience grow, you can try out something different.