A little post, about YSSL.

About 4 days ago, i ordered some YYSL “Type X” string. this was my first time playing the “Type X”, and was expecting more than what i got. It was advertised that it was a great players string, and holds string tension, feel, and color better than any other string. It did not do this at all. I made a post, (not a flaming post, just a question) stating the problems with the string i had, and if anyone else had this problem. a few here and there replied saying it was “meh”, just on par with other strings, but nothing to my extent of far below other strings.

The same day i posted that thread, “MattB” contacted me wanting to see about getting me a FREE, ya, you heard me, FREE replacement bundle to see if the problems were still there. Three days later, i received the newer bundle. I compared the two bundles, and the 2nd bundle averaged out at 3 times better in every category than the first bundle.

Thank you Matt for sending me another pack for comparison, because now i think YYSL will be string of choice for me. My favorites before were “MarkMont Dragon String”, and “BG1’s”, but this new YYSL “Type X” leaps and bounds out performs them both IMHO. I recommend YYSL not just because of their incredible playing, long lasting string, but also for their insane customer service. if your having problems with a YYSL product, they will fix it, I’m sure of it.


I love their string. But sometimes it seems like it varies. I got two packs of the Type X, one in neon yellow and one in pink, and it seems like the neon yellow plays different from the pink. I like the neon yellow more but they just play different. I still like the way they both play and I love their string.

i find that with all string, color makes them play different. Multi color string plays the worst for me, solids the best. Neon yellow being the best playing solid IMO, then orange, then white.

Yeah, exactly. If you dye it, it will effect preformance or if you use a different color of thread).

That’s the reason the Toxic Dragon strings are not colored.