CLYW Slackline Restock!

CLYW Slackline is Back in Stock at YoYoExpert!

CLYW developed this unique high-end variety of string to compliment all of their amazing high-end throws. The CLYW Team put their heads together and came up with the perfect string that incorporates all of the characteristics they value and love in a yo-yo string. The CLYW Slackline Yo-Yo String!

CLYW described the different types available:

Poly – A polyester string with the perfect tension. It has a lively bounce to it and is fantastic at holding it’s shape for slacks and suicides. Feels great on the fingers.

Chubby – A fatter version of the Poly Slackline. It has a very similar feel but the added thickness give the string a little more weight which helps with whips and provides you with a tighter bind.

Hybrid – The ultimate balance of Nylon and Poly. It’s super smooth on the fingers, lasts forever and holds shape really well. Whips feel like cheating with how quick this string moves through the air.

Is the Hybrid Summer Picnic sold out already? ???

Actually looks like that color was from a previous run, only the green, yellow, and orange were restocked.

yay,i miss my old slacklines,im def gonna grab a pack,i loved those over easies though,cool color threads

I must’ve been at the right place at the right time. Ordered some earlier this afternoon. May have to get a few more packs before they sell out. Such a great string!

Been wanting to try this string. Is the quality worth the price? How is it compared to fat kitty? Considering that clyw ships kitty string with their throws.