Anyone know what string comes stock on CLYW yoyos?


Just curious.



Yo- yo string.


Trying to be helpful is better than nothing.

I honestly thought Rocket Scientists took Sunday off?


I think I agree. It’s definitely string, and I’m almost certain it’s Yoyo string.
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Probably cheap string. Doesn’t matter though.


Probably 100% polyester, something like Yoyoexpert Strings.


It matches the 100% poly that yoyoexpert sells here.



I thought it was plastic bands?


Yup. It’s 100% poly. Same as the YYE stuff.


It got switched from plastic bands to string after the 2011 plastic shortage.
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I asked if anybody knew what kind of string the yoyos came/come. Some Yoyo Makers state that their yoyo(s) come standard with 'specific brand/type of string. I have never seen CLYW make any comment of the ‘string provided’.

Mainly I don’t even care, because I ‘always’ change the string on a New Yoyo as soon as I take it out of the package.

Just Thought somebody other than all the unemployed Comedians might pop out and state something other than the Obvious.


I’m confident that this is the correct answer yoyodoc. (and how was dinner? :))


It is just random 100% poly made in mexico stuff that everyone sells. Same as YYE and OD and formerly YYN Highlights. Its all the same “standard” string that “most” yoyos come with.


It’s funny how everyone skips over my answer -_- Just joking around lol.


I am not sure though. My theory is that the CLYW string is a mix of baby unicorn hair, Sasquatch fur, and a small amount of gnarwhal blubber. After this mixture is created the string is dipped into magic dust that only can be collected after an avalanche to give it that awesome feel. Than, the final step, it must spend time with the chief of the oogawanu tribe located in the arctic circle.
After the string is finally finished and shipped out Chris makes a camp fire and makes s’mores.


Well… there’s a big difference between “probably” and “yup”. :wink:


I’m sure OP studied it with great curiosity and serious interest.
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I think probably there is yup.
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Oh, I understand.

Thank you. :wink:


All of the 100% poly strings that you buy in bulk from anywhere (with th exception of kitty string), are made in the same olace. It’s the same as all the other strings. Just kinda off colored…