What is the string that comes with CLWY yoyos ?


Hello fellow yoyoers,

I was wondering if anyone could help me recognize the string which comes with CLWY yoyos in the box? I have an AC2 and the string that came with it is simply amazing.
I just love that string. Its soft and doesn’t kill my finger even with prolonged yoyo use.
On the other hand I have some Kitty regular strings which I don’t like to that extent.

Or if you have played with kitty regular and know any better string, let me know that too.
I am not too sure how fat are the “Fat” strings than the regular ones. Maybe I just need the fat ones?

Any help would be much appreciated on this topic.



I’ve never actually had a clyw yoyo but I bet it’s their slack line string


I think it is slackline they all come with the same green string to me

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Yup pretty sure its slack line.


Maybe their newer products.
But I’m pretty sure it used to be (or still is) kitty string yellow


Fat Kitty

(Erik Kerber ) #7

I stand corected.


lol first 3 answers all wrong. C’mon guys.


aw I thought I correct myself
I compared and they are nothing alike


Oops sry :stuck_out_tongue: never actually had one though


Yup! Fat kitty every time


Far kitty yellow they don’t endorse their own string for some reason

(Owen) #13

I’m pretty sure CLYW bought a bunch of kitty string so I’m guessing that until they runout of that that is what they are gonna ship their yoyos with.


Ohh. Thanks a lot folks.
I will order some fat kitties then. It feels good in my hand. The normal ones start choking on my finger.




who knows, maybe their slackline string green/yellow is actually just repackaged fat kitty green/yellow…especially if they bought a ton and are still shipping it with all their throws…man, that would really suck lol!