Fools gold arctic circle.

So I got one in the mail yesterday (plays amazing) and it came with one bright neon yellow string. I need more of this string anyone know what it might be?

I’m guessing it’s normal kitty string. Mine came with a string like that too.

I read somewhere that they put kitty on CLYWs now.

I have pink, black, and red kitty string red ones are fat and non of them are as soft as this or slack and suicide as good as this stuff.

They are fat kitty polys

R u sure that they aren’t regular kitty’s?

Yes I am sure. I have a box of normal kitty and a few clyw that I got from Chris. Same string but fatter.

Here’s a look at what we ship out with every order at (full sticker pack + an extra Fat Kitty String)

Yup, a couple months ago CLYW started using Fat kitty exclusively

Yeah they started using Fat Kitty I think around when the 2nd run Puffins were released. Good cheap string. They use to get string imported from Mexico.

Thanks for all the feedback my fat red kitty string is nowhere as nice as that one was but I did order some 1.5 kitty in neon yellow any feedback on those?

I ordered 2 of these, can’t wait for them to arrive.

I’m an idgit, I ordered the glacier express fools gold.

I love 1.5. Super soft after breaking in, and whip insanely. Pretty much good all around. Although Unknown string is my fav. ;D

Yeah I just received the 1.5 yesterday plays great. I noticed that it and the onedrop response worked very well together. And I’ve been playing with the same two strings and after they break in they seem to hold it together much better then regular kittys.