What Type of Strings Come Standard on CLYWs?


Cause I like dem strings.

(Owen) #2

I think I saw somewhere that they were starting to use kitty string


I think it’s fat kitty string


It’s kitty string. They did a sort of partnership with kitty string, so that’s the brand they use for everything now.


That makes sense. I use Kitty string, but I haven’t tried fat yet. I’ll have to pick some up.


Wait, are they fat or normal? I couldn’t tell the difference between the string that came with the FG CLIFF and my normal kitty string. I got them mixed up because they were the same color.


Fat kitty and normal is very easy to see the difference if you have both next to each other.


Its regular kitty. Not fat


I’m pretty sure the string that came with my FG Cliff was fat.


It is fat.

You guys heard of google? :stuck_out_tongue:
I searched CLYW String got this as first link http://ink361.com/app/#!/photo/375333122407117339_13225235


Hmm it looked and felt exactly like regular. My bad