CLYW slackline: chubby: a review

This is my first review so please be kind. I am reviewing CLYW slackline, chubby version. I have used a variety of string and my personal favorite is YYSL venom, and seeing as I enjoy thicker string I decided to pick up some of the slackline since I’d heard some good things about it.

Pros: The packaging is better than a simple bag like kitty, not as good as venom’s genius dispenser.
It whips very well without being very thick so it won’t slow your yoyo under multiple string wraps.
The string isn’t especially slick so it won’t slide off your finger.
It lasts a long time, longer than venom imo.
It’s longer than Venom which is a tad short for my taste and for me slackline is the perfect length.

Cons: The main problem I had was the rough feeling of the string, it’s extremely rough on the skin and causes string burn during speed combos, it also began to cut into my yoyo calloused fingers. It is extremely harsh.
The Color doesn’t fit my preferences. It looks like a faded, less vibrant neon yellow. It appears washed out like a partially bleached kitty string. But some may like the color because it is different than any other color a I have come across, I just like my string to be as visible as possible.
It doesn’t seem to hold tension particularly well, and I can’t really feel when it’s even.

Conclusion: If they were budget string I would recommend them but they aren’t. They’re 7 dollars a pack. I even prefer YYSL type x and Fat kitty to them because they don’t have a lot of the aforementioned cons. To be honest they feel like yysl venom that I’ve played for 12 hours. So my Verdict is buy YYSL Venom, you will not be disappointed. I’m a little dissatisfied with CLYW for this, however I know string is a gamble. I hopes this aids your future string buying. This review does not reflect all slackline just the Chubby type I tested. This may also be a poor batch. I’d be happy to review the other types if CLYW would send me a sample of each.

Feel free to give me tips on how to improve my reviews and what you think of the review and the product thanks