Slackies string


Just got some slackies. I’m liking the green yellow white color. Very visible despite being a multicolored string. I have played some on a Dogma and a Shutter.

Generally soft feeling, but not super smooth. Feels generally good and not much of a biter during speed combos or hops. Just a hair thicker feeling than most default strings and, combined with the texture, binds really snappy. Does not stretch much after that initial play and break in period.

Despite the thickness, not real bouncy. Definitely more bouncy than default strings, but does not have the plush feel of the thicker, super springy feeling strings like fat kitty or some of the yysl options. I feel like a good description is snappy. It’s nice and flexible for flowing transitions and you can snap out some hops with it very quickly. Feels very controlled when changing directions during Skin the Gerbil. Definitely holds slack well for suicides and lacerations, and generally whips fast. It doesn’t feel heavy, if nothing else, during iron and jade whip. Again makes me think of precision, though I’ve used some strings that whip faster.

I purchased this for a bulk backup and default string when more expensive strings feel like a treat due to cost, so I’m happy that it seems well rounded and handles my modest skill set without issue. Not sure about lifespan, but I a couple of hours on two different yoyos leaves them just feeling broken in and still pretty new. Will update later on how they wear over time.


Concise but informative, thanks for the review!


Thanks. And after playing, they are definitely lasting longer than the average stock string or kitty strings. They definitely seem designed to be playable from the go and last reasonably long. Again, kinda in the middle in that regard. Glad I got them and I’ll definitely keep using them as an all purpose, inexpensive string.


I would like to get your opinions on Eagle carbon fiber/poly string and Ammo in comparison to Slackies, I just recently pick up a pack of slackies myself



I have not tried eagles. I have used standard strings from one drop, yyf (of course), c3, and magic yoyo. I have used regular and fat kitty, ammo and type x, and one of the twisted strings. I’ve briefly tried some others on demo yoyos at competitions, but that’s not a great test.

Ammo is definitely thicker and has a notable break in period where it just doesn’t play as you expect. I enjoy yysl strings, but expect at least 20 minutes of the string breaking in before it plays like you would expect. It’s also a very soft and bouncy string in general. I realize that I like it less for speed tricks, though type x and venom are slightly better for this due to to being less thick. I feel like ammo whips really well due to the thickness and weight, and obviously holds slacks open very nicely. In my opinion, it is ages well. Initial break in leads to its best period. As it starts to wear out a bit, it whips really fast because the string is compressed. Once it stops looking a little fuzzy and feeling soft, it’s pretty much done. I’ll have to do a post on this with pics. There’s a lot of difference between new, broken in string fuzz and worn out string fuzz. Lol.

Slackies feel real all purpose to me and have basically no break in period.


Thanks for the info! I eventually want to try Ammo



You’re welcome, bbdave. As always, ymmv