Favorite bulk string and why?

(Ronald) #1

I started using kitty but now am a big fan of slackies and monkey finger vines. Kitty strings are def good but the tension blows. I’ve also experienced most yysl they perform the best but tend to (edit) get fuzzy a bunch there worth the price. Looking to string my own nylon and poly blend to see what fits me. Just wondering your guys take on bulk or even boutique strings and why?


Blue slick 8. It be very very good to me.

(YoYoStringLab) #3

Yikes! Your YYSL frayed? (or did it get fuzzy?) If it got frayed, then I would definitely like to see what’s going on and have you send me some. I’ll cover shipping and send you some replacements. PM me and I’ll send you a postage paid return envelope.

(Ronald) #4

Let me try and find some( edit) you are right I mean no disrespect


YYSL for sure. Not just saying that, have tried a lot of string.

(YoYoStringLab) #6

Whew! Had me worried, as I hadn’t heard this before except with string cutting yoyos. No disrespect taken. I am focused on making the best I can, so I’m always interested in hearing input about YYSL. Thanks!


Don’t know if I have a fave “bulk” but YYSL and Zipline are my overall favorites right now. YYSL is super well-made string with a wide variety of options

(Gethin) #8

I like white yysl ammo, on plastic yoyos, and yellow fat xl kitty on metal throws, the longer your string is, the longer the tension stays is what I’ve found. I’m also left handed and that might change things.

(Ronald) #9

I feel ya there I’m 6,6 so my strings are oober long

(Gethin) #10

Yup, I’m 6’4" do you also frequently hit your head on doorframes?

(Ronald) #11

Bwuahaha way to much

(Ronald) #12

I stopped letting people use my throws cause the string is so long they just slamm it

(Gethin) #13

Haha I know, it sucks! I’m surprised I haven’t concussed myself, though I don’t think I’m terribly smart, maybe it’s affecting my brain?

(Ronald) #14

Hahaha we were blessed and cursed

(Ronald) #15

Whats your edc throw

(Gethin) #16

Right now the Snack and a Harbinger. How about you?

(Ronald) #17

I fancy the topyo selene and the.colossus iv


Dang you giant people get a room already :wink:

(Gethin) #19

a giant room! :grinning:

(Ronald) #20

A big ole tall wide room :laughing: