Need moar Dragon String... @_@


This stuff is amazing but there’s no more in stock! Anyone have an idea how often they re-up on yoyoexpert? I just bought some Twisted Stringz Type A1 and I hope it compares and has the stiffness of Dragons due to the nylon in it. Anyone out there want to chime in on how they compare?

Epic Strings Whips play like dragon string.


I almost bought some Epic strings when I went to buy recently but it was between that or some irpads. I have about 5 dragon strings left from the pack I bought 3 months ago so if they don’t stock up soon I’ll definitely give the epics a chance. Thanks for the recommendation.


No problem, and remeber(if you get some), you can always wash them when they get dirty.


5 dragons should be enough to last 5 months haha

And toxic strings went on a hiatus but they came back a few weeks ago so I imagine there’ll be a restock in a few weeks


I’ve seen some testimonials that they last forever. I’ve used 10+ kitty strings and like 3 ammos in the same amount of time and I LOVE whipping with Dragon. I’ve only tossed 3 out so far and the other 2 were just washed for the first time and still have some fight left. I would of definitely swapped the Ammo with more Dragon had I known but trying new strings and accessories in general is half the fun. Even when Dragon comes back in I’ll be buying some epics or some other string I haven’t tried yet I’m sure. It’s nice to know what they’re like instead of committing to one blindly again.


Thank you guys for showing so much interest in DRAGON. You guys are a blessing! Evan is currently working on replenishing his stock! A lot of new strings as well as restock on the DRAGONs you were all discussing! There’s even a new signature string coming out and I’ve heard it lasts quite a long time! Stay tuned and we’ll keep you guys updated!


Your signature string Hydras? :wink:


How exactly do you go about washing it? Never heard of washing yoyo string before.


Soap and water?

You could also dabble a bit in your own string-making. Embroidery thread supposedly makes a similarly whippy string. However, your results may vary depending on what you have access to.


New sig string? :open_mouth: wallet weeps thanks for the update Paul!

I just used some of the regular dawn dish soap, squeezed them out and let them air dry. Did the trick for me :smiley:


I’ve tried washing string by putting some in a jeans pocket when I did my laundry. The strings managed to sneak out of the pocket and make a horrendous knotted mess but they looked great and played great once untangled.


Yeah, just use some soap and rub them around. I bleach mine.


Some how I missed seeing the DRAGON strings when they wee available so I am looking forward to their return.


Twisted Stringz came today, figured I’d throw (see what I did there?) this out there and say this stuff is just awesome and does share some similarities to DRAGON. It performs good whips and seems to hold it’s tension well after messing with one for just over an hr. The strings are just slightly thicker IMO and a lot softer. It has however frayed more then I’d like in my short use which makes me question how well they’ll respond to being washed but it’s very good string and as of now is definitely my second favorite in my collection.


Dragon strings are horrible at holding string tension. You’re the first one I’ve ever heard say they are good at holding tension :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the biggest downside to dragons honestly. But Paul dang’s new hydras string should be very similar to dragons but better at holding tension


In comparison of my Kitty, Ammo and G-strings I feel it holds tension best. Maybe that depends on the tricks you’re doing, I’ve only been yoyoing now for 7-8 months so maybe when I get into the more advanced tricks I’ll see what you’re talking about but for now I love it. I’ll have to check these hydras out as well as the rest of the toxic lineup. Soo many choices!


After a little bit of play they do get better with holding tension, but they are a little finicky at first.


Even after you break them in they’re still bad at holding tension compared to kitty, ammo, g string, and most other brands IMO


Someone mentioned a jeans pocket, but if you want to try the washing machine method (it’s pretty easy) just put them in a tube sock and tie a knot at the top of the sock. I’m not a fan of washing them, but that method worked well for me.