Toxic Strings Dragon String Review [ EDITED: SECOND IMPRESSIONS ]

Alright, so as you guys may know the Dragon Strings are some of the most popular or sought out strings that are on YYE. They were restocked just a week ago I think and I was lucky enough to have gotten a pack. I will add some pictures later if I can.

First thoughts: I had high expectations for this, both from hearing the good reviews and getting new string to try. I have to admit I was biased a little bit in the beginning from other reviews of trusted members: That it whipped well, held tension not so well, lasted a long time, and could be pretty rough.

It arrived in a resealable foil bag kind of like the ones who get the 2014 YYE trading cars in, except it is thicker. I REALLY appreciate them adding the resealable bag, because I now have a place to put my string, which is secure and easy to work with.

At first site the strings look REALLY good. The stark white was very bright, like bleach, no signs of dirty stuff or the “faded” white that we see a lot. The string length I cannot compare much to, because I haven’t tried “normal” string such as kitty, but if you have tried stock YYF string it is much longer than the YYF string.

It does not come pre-tied.
It is also thinner than YYF String

Play: Since I had heard a lot about it’s superior whip and slack, I went immediately to my whip tricks and stuff to test it out. It whips brilliantly!. I tried the whip into kamikaze mount, and it easily handled that. I also tried the hidemasa hook, and boy! I used to have trouble doing it, and now I partially know the reason. This string whips so well I got it at once.
I also tried Slack Trapeze. Usually, my YYF string languidly whips over and somtimes catches the gap of the yoyo, even with my full strength, and on a new string. This Dragon String whipped so fast that I was startled and dropped the yoyo! I tried it again just as fast, and you can hear the whip on it, the “shoosh” sound while it cuts through the air. I tried doing some tricks where the string moves quick but so far, not many noticeable burns, more than the average. I don’t know when the string will be broken in, but I know I’m pretty content with how it plays right now. The only thing that I found was that it was TRUE that it didn’t hold tension too well. I had to adjust it a couple of time. But that’s a fair share for what it can do.

Feel: 4/5
Whippiness/Slack : 5/5
Length: 5/5
String Tension : 2.5/5
Worth: 5/5

If you’re planning to buy string that is super whippy, on the thin side yet not too thin, and lasts long (supposedly), I really hope you consider this string (when it’s in stock! ;D). The good reviews are deserved and though there is one thing that people might not like (the tension), it’s a small price to pay for what you get. Thanks!

Alright, so after playing with it for a good month, I have to say that I wanted to warn ya’ll, be fair a little bit. After playing with one string for a month, or about 10 hours give or take, the string tension is terrible. It stays pretty bad, and when I try to adjust it back you can’t really. Of course, in the description it says you can only give it 10 hours then wash it, so it could be that I used it for too long. Just wanted to give my opinion on that. Everything else plays fine

Good review. I’ve been using Dragon’s for over a year now, I’ve gotten a few months out of 1 string, they last forever! A trick I learned from Paul Dang was to wash them, you get longer life out of them.

A few months ago I heard a rumor that they weren’t going to be made any more, so I bought a bunch of them, think I have 10 packs of them. I couldn’t chance being without them. Glad they are still being made, they are great strings!

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Thanks! Not the best review, but I did what I could. When I read your reply I was about to say: “No wonder the strings ran out so fast! You took 'em all!”, but then I read the rest of it and you said a few months ago. I was actually super surprised how fast they went. Like half a day after I order mine and there were 6-7 left in stock they all rank out after that. I’m super lucky to have gotten a pack, and so far I love mine. They’re so much longer, allowing me to do tricks with a lot more space.

Glad to read such a glowing review! I saw them back in stock and snatched up two packs just to make sure I had enough to wait out the restock

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Thanks. I just adore the whippiness right now. Now I find myself to be pretty ignorant at the string I used to use. The old string just did not whip at all, makes me wonder about other things too :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited for 2nd impressions

I have to agree with everything you said. This would be my absolute favorite string of all time if it held tension worth a darn. I almost can’t even play with these strings once they start going crazy

Still say orange hybrid CLYW’s are my favorite string, but see would be top for sure if they would just keep the tension

I know right! I was so disappointed because of the string tension is so bad. It plays great with everything except that one thing. It’s not even “livable” either. For me the string just gets all out of tension and it’s super frustrating every few throws… I’ll probably stick to normal string or something

I have not played a Toxic String that I did not think was awesome.
Evan makes some of the finest strings in the industry…IMO :wink:

Oh, don’t get me wrong, fresh out of the pouch, and when the tension has been reset, this string is amazing, like best string in history.

HOWEVER, after like, three or four combos, this string is unlivable. You can’t do any trick that has the slightest amount of slack because it goes to spaghetti so quickly. I would get the package tattooed on myself out of love if they just kept the tension!

Three or four combos? If that’s not a little bit sarcastic it sounds WAY shorter than the lifespan I get.

He’s kinda right. After you have adjusted the string tension perfectly (I also tested it on a brand new string), after a couple of combos it goes all out of whack again

Three or four combos was a bit sarcastic, I’d honestly give it at least 3 minutes of solid, uninterrupted playing before it becomes unlivable. I still use them on my favorite throws, because when they are good, they’re really good, but I find myself resetting tension at least double the amount I reset my orange slackline

When it gets to an unbearable point I have to adjust the tension so much the loop on the yoyo becomes so wide the yoyo slips out and rolls away on the floor…

Oh my god, yes!

I’ve dropped my chief like that, gods be praised it was on carpet and it hit a cardboard box before it hit the wall, but now I spin it while dead on the end of the string like I used to do before I could get any tension tricks. Thankfully it stays on that way, but yeah, I forgot to mention that

The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am with these. People praised the living heck out of them, and I finally bought 2 packs to find out that they’re really finicky and annoying when the tension decides to go out

Exact same situation, preach.

Luckily I also did it on carpet. But I can’t stand waiting for the dead yoyo to spin out, so I just risk it and adjust the tension in increments, until the point where I assume it’s safe(ish)

Yep. I kinda got caught up like you with the over-rated (kinda?) reviews of this string. Not saying that they’re not good, but from what I heard it doesn’t live up to it. GregP was right when he said some love it, some hate it (I think it was him)

I kinda assist the spin out by giving the yoyo a spin in whatever direction so it doesn’t take so long, but yeah, it’s slow.

I can’t say I hate this string, I feel a lot less bad about having these than having the unusable (too short) pack of prime. But the tension issue is just killing it for me. Maybe I’m not good enough to keep neutral tension for long on this string (though it’s not an issue in other strings) or maybe this batch got wound a weird way.

I would describe these like… You meet someone who seems to be your dream date. She/he (I don’t judge) turns up, and they’re gorgeous, and got dat body, and they just blow you away on the first date. Then they keep asking to borrow money.

Was just thinking about how I wanted to pick up some more string and ran across this thread.

You guys are crazy. I don’t have any of the tension problems you’re talking about. Not any more or less than any other string I use. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Or maybe I’m just inclined to do more tricks that equalize tension so it’s not as bad for me.

Only thing I don’t like is the texture… And the thing I like most is the texture… Ha!

There is no perfect string for me. Sometimes I want something that’s rigid, other times I want something that floats. I’ve never really noticed a huge difference with the whole slack and whip thing either. Once I play with a string for a minute I can readjust how I play to better achieve the goal. Come to think of it I’ve only ever played with one string that was unusable in that regard.

It’s all just twisted thread after all. Anyway, hope you find your string of choice, just wanted to say I’ve had no problems with them at all.

Thanks for your opinion! I felt the same way about the tension for the first few days, but when you keep using it, it does tend to mess up for me. Although the problem could be in the variance in the strings. I have seen noticeable differences in different Dragon strings that I have tried.

Also, I’ve tried Blueprint, YYE, YYF, and Dragon, and you can tell how good the Dragon whips. The “whoosh/whip” sound of the string gives it away to me :smiley:

I would say 10 hours or so on a string is a good run. After that amount of time it’s due to be replaced.