Am I doing something wrong?Or is this normal

Okay,I am totaly new at this.I have a Yo Yo factory “Speed dial” and it seems every throw ends up with the string needing to be “unwound”.I am working on the basic string tricks,like a simple trapeze mount for instance.I start with a loose string,it doesnt twist up before winding.Throw a break away,get the yo yo to mount,dismount and return,if I lose it and attempt to rewind,the dead string wraps around itself and I have to "unwind"it by taking it off my finger and let it unwind.I do know about the ufo technique to loosen or tighten a string but am not able to do that yet.My question is if this is normal for a bearing yo yo or am I doing something wrong? I have the string that came with the yo yo,which I believe is 100% cotton,would a different type,like a poly or the poly blend string act differently?

What you are seeing is something called “spaghetti string” it happens when either the tension of the string is too tight or too loose. Yes, your string can wind up like that if it is too loose. If you have perfect string tension, (if you hold two ends of the string and bring them together and the string does not wrap into itself) it should stay that way after a couple of throws. If your yoyo string is still getting shapghetti string only after one throw, I would say that your string needs replacing. That is a common thing for worn out yoyo string to do. The string that comes with most YYF yoyos are type 6 poly, so just pick up some more and replace the string. Remember to replace your string every 2-3 days if you practice yoyo-ing everyday.
have fun!

The string is probably just too old, after a time the tension just doesnt go back to normal again, so just replace it! Also imo poly strings are way better for string tricks than cotton so i would pick up some polyester string. if string tension is a big problem for you i would say get some Kitty String, it holds tension a bit better than the softer YYF poly. But any poly should work fine if you re not too bothered by it

Thanks guys,I’ll get some spare strings.This yo yo is only about a week old,is that an old string?It seemed to do this right out of the box,so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.

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I have some YYE intermediate string, it’s the string I worked up on, I bought a 25 pack and I still have a ton of it. If you wanna shoot me like $2 to cover shipping, I’ll drop you a care package

Thanks,but I already ordered some spares.Some 100% poly and a 50/50 poly/cotton.Really appreciate the offer,tho.

The most important question: Are you right or left handed?

Right handed.