WEIRD thing happened today.

So i was looping with my Duncan Proyo and I’ve been doing it for almost a half an hour then as i did a forward pass all of the sudden my string split apart and as it came back it got tangled. Any reason why would that happen?

maybe your string got spined so much and got tangled then twisted the other way.

Did you adjust your string tension every now and then? If not then the string will unwind almost all the way as you mentioned.

Yup, I can almost guarantee that you need to just adjust your string tension.

Sometimes. Maybe that the reason why.

id say string tention

yeah string tension. once i did a trick to loosen the string so much that the string completely unwound and the yoyo fell out. i thought i broke the string but when i noticed i didnt, i thought it was magic. i am substantialy less stupid now. (not saying u r stupid)

Try adjusting your string, it will tighten.