String tension?????

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I do not know why, but my yoyo-string has a huge problem with string tension. I make the string tension perfect, wrap the string on the yoyo, then try to do a slack trapeze. However, when I swing the string around suddenly it wraps around the other string because the string tension is WAY too tight. In other words, I have a HUGE problem with string tension.

Two things that might help for you to know:
A friend gave me my strings at school, saying they were polyester strings, so I am not sure exactly what kind of string they are.
To bring to yoyo back up, I do not use snap start, I just hold the string so i do not keep wrapping it around the bearing without it actually wrapping, and I wrap it up.

In other words, I seem to have a HUGE problem with string tension.
Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: The string is 100% polyester string from yoyoguy. it is β€œ3x2 (type 6)”

First of all, wrapping it up like that kills the string tension. Also, when you fix the string tension, how do you do it? Do you just let the yoyo hang there until it stops or do you hold the string up and tighten or loosen the string until that part of string you are holding doesn’t wrap around itself?

Check and correct the tension the way he does in this video.

Also, try searching around the forum. There are lots of other topics addressing the same issue that have lots of good information.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I wrap the string back up just like he does-I press the string onto the inner edge of the yoyo with my thumb and wrap it back up, sort of like wrapping an offstring yoyo up.
However, I only adjust the string tension about a fourth of the time like he does, the other 3/4 is just letting the yoyo lose it’s spin and waiting till it stops.

I better try that way :slight_smile:

EDIT: Works great! thanks SO much! :smiley:

when you loosen it by waiting for it to spin out and then let it revolve until it stops. it will loosen it too far. it will gain rotational momentum while it spins until the string tension is perfect. at that moment, the spin will de-accelerate for the same amount of time. the right way to do that would be to stop it every couple of seconds and see if it will start to rotate again. when it will not rotate in any direction, the tension is perfect