Tension on the string.

Hello.So i’ve been practicing plastic whip but i can’t do it because the tension in the string is too high.So i loosen the tension and when i wind it up the tension comes back >:(.And when i throw it it is way too high to do anything.Is there any way to fix that?

sry for english it’s my 2nd language

Frequently caused by over lubed bearings :smiley:

Well i cleard my bearing and it’s sleep time is good and it isn’t responsive so i don’t think it’s overlubed.

^^^ Good job! ^^^

Watch string tension videos.

Hopefully I can be a little more help here. Usually when you wind a yoyo up, you are actually twisting the string back up. If you haven’t learned it yet, I highly recommend learning to snap-start. You’ll retain that neutral tension that you would lose when winding up…plus snap starts are pretty impressive-looking to the general public.

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Learn it. One of the best ways to adjust tension.

This right here. Unless you want to take the string off your finger and then wind; that leaves it pretty neutral when you tie back in.

Learning to snap start isn’t necessary to keeping neutral tension, you can also just use a tension-adjusting move after you throw from a normal wind.