String Tension Issue

Hello everyone!

I am having some trouble with string tension when yoyoing. I understand how string tension works, etc. I am using a wide angle shutter yoyo and using high end nylon strings I bought from some other store. When I put on a new string and make sure the tension is neutral, it only takes one breakaway throw to notice that there is string tension impacting my ability to more easily do slack tricks. I feel like I have to fix tension every other throw, which doesn’t seem normal.

Is there something I could be doing wrong or does that seem normal? I am fairly new to yoyoing, so appreciate all feedback.

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You have to break in new strings. You can either do so by playing on it for 10-15 minutes or by just pulling on the yoyo to stretch out the string, and then relaxing the tension.

Though honestly, perfect string tension is almost a constant adjustment. 5 or 6 throws before adjustment is needed in my experience.


Yea he’s right. Even though you get ( skittle bit) string tension after you throw bind it up and throw it again here is abides that explains it super good watch it to the end :wink:

As mentioned above new string has to be broken in but I found the biggest contributor to string tension is winding the yoyo with the string on your finger. Until I learned to snap start my yoyo I had issue with string tension as well because whenever you wind the yoyo with the string attached to your finger it creates tension. The simplest way to combat this is to wind the yoyo without the string on your finger. this allows the string to twist freely without putting a half twist evertime you make a pass around the yoyo


Thanks for the response. Crazy how often it has to be adjusted. Does seem like it is just being more knowledgeable about how each element effects tension and having your routines utilize even amounts of loosening and tightening elements to maintain nuetral tension.

Thanks for the share. I watch a ton of their videos but hadn’t seen that one and it is very informative. Appreciate it!

I actually think this might be one of my biggest issues as well now that you point it out. I commonly fix tension in the most basic way with just a dead yoyo and then wind it up to see I have a ton of tension. But that makes much more sense now, so I’ll have to learn a snap start or in the meantime do it without it attached to my finger. Appreciate the insight.

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Yeah absolutely! Glad I could help. Also any fast wind up should work, my go to is just a snap start. Keep up the grind man!

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Here that’s the wind I use it’s simple and Good for beginners and it’s faster than a snap start

I like to reverse wind it on the yoyo. That gives me several throws before I need to adjust it.


My former apprentice taught me this a few months ago and it was a game-changer for me. I’m embarassed to admit up until a few months ago I could not relieve tension any other way than taking the string off my finger. I hope this video helps someone who may be in the same position as I was a few months ago.