Jade Whip- can't form the loop!


When I have the loop in my hand, it always twists. Any idea how to stop this from happening?


Ya know, you demonstrated your string was neutral, and it did seem to twist readily after one attempt.

Try new string for starters, and you have proved why slack tricks are so frustrating at times.

Is that old string?


No, the string is like 2 days old and probably had 30 minutes (at most) of play time on it. I use 100% polyester YoYoExpert string. I have this problem with all of the whip tricks.


Use different string and see what happens.
I like slick 6, have kitty fat now but will probably order slick 6 next time.
It was fine, and players MUCH better than me had no issues.


You’re creating a neutral string tension, but then you’re winding your yo-yo by hand, which will twist your string and negate the neutral tension.

Adjust your tension while the yo-yo is spinning, then bind, and on your next throw you will have neutral tension.


It’s exactly what Garrett said :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’ll even adjust the tension on my string slightly the opposite way it tends to tighten after neutral, if that makes sense. I find that just in my natural play the string will start to tighten up again, so by going a little the opposite way it tends to stay neutral.


I was experimenting with winding tonight and examining string tension-


I learned something, it seems obvious now doh :stuck_out_tongue:

Wind loosely


You were winding the wrong way, tightening your string tension, wind TOWARDS yourself.


Negative tension is no better than positive tension, stevejspins. Except a slight amount as Aaron described, so that you end up neutral.

I think the best thing you could do is learn how to flick, thumb, or snap start your yoyo, rather than winding by hand.

Here’s good ole Brandon Vu again:


Sometimes when I whip the loop around the yo-yo, it’ll return to my hand before I can eject the yo-yo out of the loop. I guess I’m messing up somewhere.