Best string for neutral string tension?

Are some types of strings more likely to maintain neutral tension? When I’m trying to do Iron Whip and Slack Trapeze the string ends up twisting together (Even when I hold the yo-yo upside down and let the string go to neutral prior to performing those tricks).

Kitty 1.5 does well for me

No string retains neutral tension.


The string twists as you throw, but depends on what tricks you throw. Using loops for example, inside loops tighten the string, outside loops loosen the twist (for a right handed thrower). Various 1A style tricks will have similar effects. Even a simple throw down will twist the string.

There are a few fun ways to release the string tension.

My favorite is a split bottom mount, then use offhand to pull string to the side and the yoyo spin will “unwind” the string

To me tension tricks like these are honestly some of my favorites! Just looks cool to me :slight_smile:

^Yeah, I’ve been trying out bind to sidewinder lately.

Nice! :slight_smile: I have one that I do with z stacks that is really fun to do! It’s pretty simple but fun :slight_smile: I had some people say that it looked pretty cool as well so I was happy about that :slight_smile:

Sometimes I will be yoyoing, and someone will think my tension tricks look cooler than my combos

I find that thicker and tighter wound strings hold off torsion better, but the only truly neutral string, is a neutral string.

But, sidewinders are fun so there’s that :smiley: