Any tips on maintaining string tension throughout a trick?

Lately I’ve been working on a lot of slacks and whips and by the end of the trick my sting tension will be tighter than it was at the start. Do you guys have a good way of keeping a consistent tension for a decent amount of time?


A healthy balance of my front style and side style tricks (and horizontal sometimes) keeps my tension neutral, but it really depends on what tricks you do.

After your string tension gets tighter with the slacks and whips, try doing a big handful of one “style” of tricks and then check to see if tension improves. Simply put, find which kinds of tricks that you do relieve tension.

Of course if I’m practicing one trick over and over I usually just adjust it manually after checking the tension. I go into split bottom mount, let go with my NTH, and then use my NTH to pull the middle string segment out to the side causing the tension to lessen.

What I do is a sidewinder bind to reduce the tension of the string.
It’s a flashy trick too. :slight_smile: