Maintaining string tension

For single A, my string tension gets tighter as I play. So I occasionally do the unresponsive equivalent of a UFO to loosen the string.

Is this typical, something I have to just deal with? Or are there any tricks or types of tricks that loosen string tension that I can balance with my tricks that tighten it? I’m right-handed.

One of my favorite tricks for unresponsive string tension is Sidewinder, but instead of pulling it up, bind it and miss the catch. :smiley: Hope I helped

I’ll have to try that for fun, thanks. I usually do sidewinder for string tension, but I’m looking for more “normal” types of tricks. For example, I assume round the world can either tighten or loosen depending on which side of your body you do it on. Which common tricks loosen the tension when repeated?

You can do a split bottom mount get into a Mach 5 from their on it’s very hard to explain look it up on youtube

There aren’t really many tricks to maintain string tension that are smooth.

Just the nature of the beast