String Tension

So i know this isnt a new topic or anything like that. But I wanted to share with all. Anybody who’s still learning and struggling with string tension issues, check out Brandon Vu’s video on tension. I finally was able to get the bind/side winder down on a regular basis and it is a true life saver.

It’s weird though… Sometimes when I do it to loosen the string tension… It does the exact opposite :joy:

Depends on the direction of spin as well as the side of the string your doing it on.

I prefer this method for fixing it in a cool way. It works for me real well so its my main fixxer.

Ahh is that why…

Sometimes even when I let go of the string off my finger and let it unloosen by itself by letting the string drop down, sometimes it won’t unloosen and the tension is still present. Very confused.

Thank you for the video Dust!

I use different length finger spin ufo binds to adjust mine (one of my favorite tricks :slight_smile: ), along with sidewinders.

I do the same thing Dust does,because,with side winders,well,it takes some time to get a really tight string loose.With this,if you give it a full go…well…its perfect :smiley: +1

That’s true!

I also do it like this or I do it after a Mach 5. The Mach 5 thiny i do mostly when I’m playing at the street or when someone is looking, cuz it looks cooler IMO, and the other one I use when I am throwing for myself or just practicing.