What is the best string for 1a style that woont get tangled up easily


im learning a lot of tricks that drop the string letter is slack and then usually end up swinging the yoyo through that slack but with my string when i let go of the string its not a open spot to slide the yoyo right threw the string gets tangled heres the trick:


but whenever that slack comes up my string tangles up

(drumma/yoyo) #2

toke the string off your finger, then pinch the string near the yoyo, then go towards the knot.

(J. Lev) #3

You’re having string tension problems, it happens to everyone. You can adjust it with drumma/yoyo’s method: Take the string off, hold the yoyo, pinch the string near the yoyo. Slide your hand down the string so it straightens. Do this a couple of times, and you should be good to go.


All string will get tangled up if you don’t adjust the tension. Try searching the forum for something like “adjust string tension” and you’ll find out other ways of adjusting the string tension. :wink:


i tried this but it only worked for 1 throw am i going to have to do this after every time i wanna do the trick? im guess ing not lol


There are a few tricks that adjust string tension such as UFO and Sidewinder. Sidewider quickly tightens or loosens your string tension to get it where you need it.


Sometimes it’s tension…

Sometimes you just gotta replace the thing…