String tangle?

my string always gets all tangled up and it is very hard to use
any tips to keep it “untangled”?

I would use sidewinder and UFO  as shown in YYE Learn. The tangle is due to the string tension changing by twists.


Also, here is another one called washing off from Split Bottom Mount.

Check your string tension. If it’s too tight, it’ll twist together, making “spaghetti string”.

String tention. Fix it by turning the yoyo left or right. You probably have spagetti string. When your string gets tangled up too much. Your tention might be too tight.

That’s your string tention. When you get more into yoyoing, you need to keep your string tension good, as mentioned in this video:

To fix it while in responsive play, here are two good tricks:

Check the above link when you need it for unresponsive play.