string tension

can anybody give me any pointers or tricks i can use to adjust string tension on an unresponsive yoyo

Go to the learning section and see the beginner trick Flying Saucer/UFO

What I do(since I’m having trouble doing Flying saucer/UFO because I’m still learning) is I let the yoyo unwind, take the string off my finger and let it untwist itself. Definitely not as cool as the trick, but it gets the job done.

You could also do a trick where you do a split bottom mount. Then pull the center string to the side, and let it spin along the circumference of the yoyo. Sleepers loosen, and break aways tighten.

ufo will not work try a sidewinder or just let it hand hope to help :slight_smile:

UFO works it’s the same dang trick as side winder, but you just pinch the string and bring it up higher.

thanks guys. i am by no means a beginner, i have been yoyoing for 15 years ( since i was three ) but have been on a pro level for more like 4-5 years. i was looking for something more along the lines of an actual trick that can be done mid-combo to adjust string tension. i suppose i should have been more clear
thanks for the input though

learn follow, it takes a LONG time to adjust, as one rep is like reversing one throw.

Okay you can use what I was talking about and still do some combo after wards if your good enough.

Here is one of the most easiest and fastest way:

Go into a Split Bottom Mount (Or braintwiser).
Then let go of your non-throwhand.
Make sure you don’t let go of any strings on the throwhand.
If you look at the strings, you see 3 strings.
Pluck the middle one to the left (for righties).
Pull until you see the string spin around the yoyo. It looks SO cool. I can’t find the tutorial but I found a demo:
It’s at 1:13

the brain twister thing is what I do. works quite well. or I asked yoshi while I was at sunshine kite company once, and he pretty much just does like a side winder thing.

great! thanks guys :smiley:

either use the washing machine trick or pinch the yoyo string and swing the string around it clockwise(?)

It’s counterclockwise. This technique is called Freddya’s way.