Having trouble with backspin bind from Trapeze

The bind in question is this:

When I get the yoyo off trapeze and try to do this bind, the yoyo catches the yoyo string from below.

When I do it, because the top segment of the yoyo string is still in tension, the yoyo catches onto the string, then bounces off of it.

How do you make do yoyo catch onto the string from below and make it go around to form the bind?

Give that part of the string some slack.

like what apetrunk said, try to loose tension a bit by moveing your throw hand closer to your freehand just when the yoyo hits the string.

Basically what they said. It’s alot like the 1 1/2 mount. I may do it a little differantly. I bring the string around the yoyo. Not completely, but mostly. Personally, i think a lot of people do this but don’t realize it. Just do what ever works for you.

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