trouble with binding.


ok so in can bind ok and i can get the yoyo back in my hand but i get a knot almost everytime. what am i doing wrong?


It shouldn’t get a knot EVERY time. But ocasionally is normal. Try to expirement.


im going to assume that u r using the brain twister mount bind return i had the same problem u did an switched to the trapeze bind return u can use this for a sleeper or breakaway i get knots using the trapeze bind about once every 200 times


You may be throwing too much string into the gap. Sometimes it tends to end up in knots that way.
Which bind are you using?


well if u trapeze bind (from foward style) the loop on your finger can fall over into the gap of the yoyo giving it a knot =P


i found that this bind doesnt give me much trouble
the first one


Make sure you are doing backspin binds, and don’t use too big of a loop.

Frontspin binds tend to get knots more often, which is why you see that whenever Andre does a rolling bind, he throws it down once before he throws hard.

When you do sleepers, use an overmount bind. (trapeze)
When doing breakaways, use an undermount bind. (Braintwister)

The video above that yoyomaster242 posted is helpful too.


thx guy i was doing the brain twister one guess i misunderstood the binding tutorial.


If you make the loop too big, it can flop over into the gap of your string backwards… Try not to make the loop so big.