1a Tutorial - 2 more binds

So apparently I’m doing a series on different binds, lol.  Here is another one.

You can find my other binds as well as all my tutorials sorted by mount here:

Thanks for the vid! Im new to yoyoing, and im using this bind which is sorta starts the opposite to a split bottom mount, then you pull the loop into the yoyo gap (sorry doesn’t make much sense). However I’ve had some problems in that that bind gives me a ‘knot’ so when I try to throw a sleeper, occasionally the yoyo will fire back up and ill have to try again (Im using a non responsive bearing so this shouldn’t happen. Its getting pretty annoying. Am I doing the bind wrong or does that happen to everyone? Is there a bind that always works perfectly?

Its hard to troubleshoot a bind from description, but if you can take a video (even camera phone would work) I can make some suggestions. There is no perfect bind. Its all about technique, picking a bind or two you like and perfecting them. The world champion probably still gets knots, lol. I do realize though that I haven’t made a basic bind tutorial, so I will put that one the list.


Your string is kind of winging up on itself. It’s fairly common for trick binds to do that, but a basic back spin bind can avoid that with practice.

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