sleeper problems.........

hi i have an unresponsive new yoyo (hitman) and well… when i try to do a sleeper i do not feel like its a reall strong one… and well… when i try to do onstring tricks with him he kinda slow down so i cant do binds tricks to make him come back to my hand… what am i doing wrong?

You just have to practice.

Andre (The guy who teachers here) has a video:

Just “Flick” your wrist and soon enough you’ll being playing like a pro.

That pretty much tops it up. Also remember to wind up your yoyo tightly, or it won’t unwind properly, and its not gonna spin as fast.

about the wind… if i do binds (coz i have to) it somtimes keep a loop that is not roold around the bearing so how do i do binds and not make a loop? and if i have a loop is this gona effect the sleeper strength?

It depends actually. Make sure that you are doing backspin binds. That basically means:

When you do a sleeper throw, do a bind from a trapeze.

When you do a breakaway throw, do a bind from a braintwister.

This will prevent the loops from being too big. If the loops are seriously big, it can affect the sleeper strength.

make sure its tightend all the ways and ure throwing it with the string infront of the yoyo. i know this i had the same problem with my hitman if that does not help call andre his number is 404-492-5022 if hes not there call 478-987-6909 exstention 2

hope thiss helped :wink:

Just keep working on binding and throwing. Once you get better at binding, you can start to use a smaller and smaller loop. When you get it down so that it’s second nature, it won’t affect your throw because it will be small enough that by the time the loop gets to the outside of the yoyo as it’s spinning, it will just be pulled out and the throw will be just fine.

I’m sure he’s willing to help people, but I don’t think this problem would need to have André asked for help. This is one reason for him making the forum, to have other people help out other people. He is a very busy man.

dude im from israel not the use… calling him might be a problem… (unless he has skype)
and well about the binds anather thing heppend… the string sometimes whip my middel finger thet the string tighed on… how can i evoid it?
and about the loop in the binds… you say ther is not soloution for this? i mean how can i do binds with put get the yoyo in my hand with loop that is not tight on the bearing?

Do you mean that the slip knot around your finger tightened? This happens a lot and once you’ve yoyoed for a while you get a calose (sp) there. This is basically just a shield of hard skin around your finger.
You want a loop to be tight so that when you throw it, you get the most rotation out of it as you can.

o i see and u dont have to call him im just saying if it doesnt get solved theres the option of calling or email

no… not the loop around finger… the whan the yoyo comes back from the bind he has a loop that was not been looped on the bearing…

and you didnt answer my whip question…

oh and what is his email?

Are you saying that the string is snagged?

Not sure what you mean by it whips your middle finger unless you mean that you bind it and the string whips your finger when it comes up. The way to fix this is to get better at binding so that you can use a smaller loop. Also make sure your string tension is good.

ok about the whip you answerd me =] thanks

and well how do i do a smaller loop??

and well i think that the loop when you do the trapez and than bind is like stucked and then the yoyo come back but the loop is still ther do you understan?

To make smaller loops you have to be very familiar with binding. Then, you can use a smaller loop, but you usually end up having to throw it farther down into the yoyo.

Yes, when you bind from a trapeze like André does, the string often snags. Just throw it down once or twice to get that out and then continue playing. A better way to do a bind is a backspin bind. Instead of doing it from a trapeze, do it from a reverse trapeze. Right after he does trapeze, he goes into reverse trapeze to bind. Watch that part so that you can figure reverse trapeze out.

true true… but when you flich your wrist, make sure it is strong so it doesn’t go sideways too.

reverse trapeze is like do bind from brain twister no?

Yep. You’re right! Thats called a Frontspin Bind. If you make the loop bigger than the single string, you’ll be in a Brain Twister Mount. :wink:

Instead of going on top of the string like a normal trapeze, go underneath and it will go around your nonthrowhand. It is very similar to a 1.5 mount (as shown here except that the loop and yoyo is around your nonthrowhand.

An Over-mount is a Trapeze, and an Under-mount is a Brain Twister. Under Mounts can also be called Brain Twister Mounts and Bottom Mounts. The way Split-Bottom mounts got there name, is that its really just an Under Mount split into several fingers.

When doing a breakaway, it is recommended to do a bind from an Brain Twister/Under Mount.
When doing a Sleeper, it is recommended to do a bind from a Trapeze/Overmount.