binding trouble

hi i have a dark magic yoyo, which is unresponsive. I need to bind, so i learned brain twister mount and i learned trapeze. Everytime i do brain twister or even trapeze binds, i get a huge knot in my yoyo. I watched hiroyuki suzuki, and he never gets knots when he does the same mounts. Any suggestions?

Hm, that shouldn’t be happening. Try double-checking to see if you are doing it right, what exactly happens when you bind? Does it successful come back up and have a knot, or does it not come up and then a knot forms? Remember, for that brain twister mount you get your left hand index finger and push it into the string. Then, you pull with your right hand so the yoyo rises over your left hand index finger, and have the yoyo back into the string. After that, simply throw that loop that should be hanging off your left hand index finger into the gap.

The knot might be forming because the binding loop is too big and you’re throwing the loops slightly sideways so it is forcing the loop over half the yoyo and thus wrapping only part of the loop into the gap while the other goes to the other side. It’s poorly explained sorry. Think like half the loop went in the gap while the other went over the side of the yoyo and on the other side of the gap. Happened to me when I was starting out.

You can tighten the gap to make it somewhat responsive. I highly suggest doing that.

Mickey (Hiroyuki Suzuki) has just yoyoed enough that he has figured out exactly what you ned to do for getting those binds to work. Same with Andre (creator of this website).

However, those are both frontspin binds. I would try learning backspin binds first. Basically, for frontstyle, instead of doing an under mount, you want to do an over mount (like a frontstyle trapeze). For sidestyle (breakaway) you want to be in a reverse trapeze. For that, instead of just landing on top of the string, hit it from the bottom and have it wrap around your finger like a 1.5 mount but on your throwhand.
Over/Under mounts
1.5 mount

try a fake bind

oops heres the link to a fake bind