Binds and knots

I got Dark Magic and i have problems with binds. Well i know how to bind but too many times i get a knot when i pull yo-yo back. And its really frustrating to unwind and then wind back yo-yo every time. Sometimes when i make a knot its not a big deal because when i throw the yo-yo down the knot will undo itself but sometimes it will not and yo-yo bounces towards my head. So every time i am not really sure what will happen. Will the knot undo itself of will i get yo-yo in my head? Also i have just change string and with the new string its even worse. I get a knot even more times when i bind. So can you give me some tips on that please.

I have watched some Andres tutorials and if i see it right Andre doest use bind every time to pull back his yo-yo. How is that posible because my Dark Magic is really unresponsive?

what sort of bind are you doing/ if you are doing the braintwister bind the yoyo will knot, you probably no this but if this is the bind you are doing you might want to learn the other one, you no from trappeze

One thing that you can try is to push less string into the gap. The reason that you are getting knots is because when you bind the loop is to big and falls over the side of the yoyo. this is what is happening if you are doing a regular bind.

This may help! Might not, not sure but…

sometimes when i bind and i feel that the yoyo is spinning a tad to fast, i will open the bind with my thumb and finger and slowly drag the bind into the yoyo, I only do this when i throw 5a but it seems to help, i think it will help becasue it will slow it down and you will be able to “control” how string will be binded back hopefully not causing it to knot

Yes, it definetly depends on what type of bind you are doing. I recommend the one where you do a trapeze except in front of you, you know, the normal bind that’s very common. I DEFINETLY DO NOT recommend the bind from the brain twister mount. You get knots all the time, and this is mostly because you are putting the string into the gap the opposite way you are supposed to. Hope I helped!

It’s not a knot, it’s just a snag. Throw it a couple times and it should come out. To help prevent getting a snag, use a smaller loop for the bind.

In addition, try binding with the yoyo spinning at lower speeds.

It could be a snag but check inside the gap. If you see a knot, the bind loop fell over the side of the yo-yo. This happens to me occasionally.

i have a dark magic yoyo, and had the same problem. When you bind, just jerk the yoyo up instead of leating the string do the work.

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