Help with undermount trapeze

so I am a beginner starting to learn to play with unresponsive yoyo (see the other post in the general forum).
I find that I am having no problem with the front style bind and I am starting to be OK at getting my yoyo on a trapeze.
The problem is that from the trapeze the only way I can consistently bind is by getting off the trapeze turning 90 degrees to the right and doing a front style bind (undermount then bind).
I keep trying to go from the trapeze to the undermount trapeze but it always ends up in a mess of spinning yoyo, either the yoyo doesn’t get in the mount (more accurately the yoyoer doesn’t guide correctly the yoyo, I am pretty sure the piece of meat holding the string is at fault) or it gets in the mount and start binding before I sort myself out and I can’t catch it.
Any advice on how to best go into this mount. Most video I find basically go like this:

  1. easy bind, just turn around and bind like for a front throw
  2. go on the undermount (not much explanation there), then do your bind (lots of detail on string pinching or crossing which seems to be the easy part there)

I am afraid that a lot of the how to bind videos are done by people who are so well practice that they are not really clear about what could be hard or easy for a beginner.

Thanks for any help

Something you could try is to get in the “easy bind mount” and then turn back to your initial position, then dismount your reverse trapeze and go into a regular trapeze, eventually you will get the motion and the feeling down and all that’s left is doing that in reverse(trapeze to reverse trapeze).
But I recomend trying to nail something else, like…something that hepls with accuracy, like barrel rolls(atomic bomb), split the atom, double or nothing, etc.
And practice, practice, practice…Eventualy you’ll get it 10/10 times, also, what yoyo are you using?

I am using 2 magic yoyos. N8 and N9

And here are 2 videos, the failed under mount trapeze:

And the successful front bind:

Sorry for the cheesy slow mo, I did it to see what I do wrong.

Mmm, I can see the yoyo is a bit too far away from your non-throwhand, as it is easier to catch a trapeze closer to your hand than one far away, same rules apply for the reverse one, try getting the yoyo closer to your freehand.

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Also, try to aim the excess string (keeping on the same plain) towards the gap of the yo-yo. In time you will land them consistently.

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I found the following helps: when you do your trapeze, land the yoyo very close to you non-throwing hand so you will have a very small tail.

Then I flip the yoyo off and the reverse mount is easier to catch.

Basically, I found, the longer the tail, the harder to catch the reverse mount.

Hope that helps.

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It all helped. I now catch it from time to time maybe every other time. I also find that one of my problems is throwing the yoyo straight when throwing a breakaway. It is usually tilted a bit toward me. If I land the trapeze I will straighten the Yoyo first before going for the reverse.