Bind From Trapeze Mount


First off, I apologize for these noob threads, but it really helps me out. I greatly appreciate it.

Now, I’m trying to learn the bind from the forward Trapeze mount. My problem arises after trying to land the yoyo back on the string. I try to swing my non-throw hand forward and up above the yoyo resting on the string but the yoyo always comes up to my non-throw hand. I typically drop the string from my non-throw hand quick enough to cause a successful bind, but I want to actually be able to do the mount and maintain it. Any idea what may be causing the yoyo to come up so quickly?

My throw is good enough to cause a straight, strong sleeper, and I’m aiming to yoyo up near my throw hand when I swing forward. I’m currently using the WHiP, and following the “Bind Returns” under the Intermediate section of the learn guide on this site to learn this. It’s the second bind he teaches, not the third, sideways Trapeze mount.


Umm, its really hard to understand your problem… Could you make a video maybe? If not, go to YouTube and type in “yotricks easiest bind ever” and look for a guy with a red shirt, blue background, and (I think) green yoyo. Watch that a few times, thats where I learned it :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve got an update and I’ll try to elaborate. I can land the yoyo on the string nearly every time and cause a bind nearly every time. What I’m trying to do is the trapeze mount followed by the bind. This is the mount that I’m referencing about:

I’m trying to do this from a forward Sleeper instead of a Breakaway. The problem arises after I land the yoyo back onto the string. Instead of resting there, the yoyo shoots upwards toward my non-throw hand.

Does that help?


Um us, what’s the problem if you can do it every time?


The problem is that I’m trying to get the delayed mount in there, instead of just instantly binding. I suppose this thread is titled inaccurately. I apologize for the confusion.


Oh, umm… I can’t really think of the answer, maybe when you get into the mount you are moving your hands, or its becoming a little bit responsive. This happened to my yoyofactory supernova. I threw it, and if I tugged hard enough, it would come to my hand, all you have to do to fix it is clean the bearing, or get a new bearing. Umm, I really dont know actually. Here are no tricks off if that mount, so it’s okay.


After watching the video over and over, I realized that I was holding my non-throw hand too far away from me. After I brought it in closer, I was able to land the mount with relative ease. The bearing and yoyo are still new so it’s still relatively clean, and it wasn’t due to it becoming responsive.

I am really glad to hear that that mount is a “dead end”, if you will, so it’s not essential to really practice. Thanks for your help, even if I just caused confusion.


Ok cool, but still practice a lot! Cuz think about it, every single time you want to bring it to your hand, you have to do that, so try to get it good!
The same mount on the front has tricks on it, like zipper, barrel rolls, brian twisters backward flip (idk what it’s called). I like barrel rolls, and brain twister the most :slight_smile:


Get on a trapeze then swing the yoyo under your right wrist and dont drop the string then bind