Need help binding

Hello. This last week I’ve been learning to bind. I have two yo-yos: Yomega Maverick, and a YYJ Classic with unresponsive pads and bearing. I don’t have any problems binding the Maverick, most likely because of the rubber response pads. The Classic is much harder. I can return the yo-yo only after I just throw a sleeper. If it slows down a little bit, I can’t get it to return. Any advice? I watch videos where the yo-yo is left spinning for some time, and after they bind it snaps right up. If I do the same, I can watch the string spin around the axel, but will never grab.

One more question. Do you need to put a tiny drop of thin lube on a new bearing, or do they come lubed? I didn’t, just curious.


Have you tried different types of binds? I know my One Drop WILL NOT COME BACK unless I a)bind a lot of string into it or b)backsping bind.

Try that. also, slow down your binds if you ar edoing them fast and make sure you are getting the right motion by doing it slow. When my binds aren’t working, I slow down and often my angle is wrong

I would not lube your bearing just yet. One problem at a time. :wink: Yours probably did not come with lube, but lube will actually make it SLOWER (counter-intuitively… but it makes sense when you think about it!).

Which bind are you using? Are you pinching the “loop” as you bind, or is it just around your finger? To this day, I cannot (and will not) bind without that pinch. Also, you cannot do a frontstyle bind from a breakaway or vice-versa; the spin direction matters!

Here’s the best video I ever found for explaining basic frontstyle binds (not just how to do it, but why they work). If you are throwing sidestyle (from a breakaway instead of a sleeper) you just turn your body. Learn other binds later.


I analyzed my binds this evening, and I was not pinching the string. I had a lot more success tonight. I think part of my difficulty was that I wasn’t quite used to the Classic. It is completely unresponsive, bigger, plastic, and it took a little getting used to. It also feels different how it catches as you’re trying to bind it. Lastly, the video was helpful. I have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun! Thanks for the help!


The other thing I was going to suggest was to work on getting a nice strong sleeper. The slower the yoyo is spinning, the trickier it’s going to be to bind.


this, that’s super important, also, as your yoyo is spinning at different speeds you may have to use more or less slack, more for slower speeds, less for faster speeds.