What are some more cool bind returns?

I wan’t to know some more cool bind returns.

Here are some good binds:

Heres a bunh of binds  :slight_smile:

The Mickey Bind.
1:05, 2:25. Offset abt 3 seconds so that you can see the whole bind.

What kind of yoyo dose he have?

It is a prototype Fade Project because he have one in his collection and he said it at the ending ;D

There’s also a few:


you can also bind from a plastic whip. you just take the loop around your thumb and throw it towards you with that same thumb


There is a bind I created back in 04 that is pretty cool.
I call them “fake” binds.

Basically, you go into the motion of doing a bind, but you pinch the string and rather than binding the string around the axle, you make an upward pulling motion.
The pinching of the string, combined with the upward motion, causes the string inside to wind up the axle a bit, and this causes the yoyo to return.

The result, is a “bind” that returns much smoother than a normal bind, and comes out for a throw much easier and smoother.

From side throws, its done from an under mount, front spin, from the front (trapeze) mount.

I wish I could make a video for you guys, but my camera is not working right now.

If anyone wants to try to make a video on it, please do!


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Wow Josh. I do this all the time but I couldn’t figure out how to explain it.

Gret way of doing it. As he said, it makes it very smooth and a nice tight bind because it let’s you do the bind with a much smaller loop.

I know what you mean.
also, there is a bind in this video. I don’t know what it is called.

he does it as (almost?) every bind. he backflips into a cross armed thing then pops it onto a trapeze then binds normal.

Mmmm… Just tried these fake binds because I hadn’t realized the method how to do them until now. How SMOOTH they are… Thanks! ;D

How about the one in White Buddha?