Help with binds!

Hey guys, I’m really having some bind issues. I’m at the point where I can get binds, but I’m a bit nervous to throw it hard because I’m not sure if it’s going to whip back into my hand. How do I know if it’s going to knot up or sleep?


With that being said, look at it. Does it look like the string is wound up nicely or is it all crazy. Also don’t neglect a safety throw.

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It won’t take long for you to know you’ve got a good one. You may not yet be able to identify bad ones, but you will know good ones.

So when you have a known-good one, you throw with confidence. When you are not entirely sure, you do a “safety throw” to give yourself a good bind.

If you are doing your binds by throwing the tail/loop into the gap, you are going to get LOTS of crappy binds. If you are doing the rolling bind from Andre’s videos, also lots of snaggy binds. Do a good frontstyle bind using a pinch on the loop, and it will be very reliable.


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Thanks guys, i’ve got a really good pinch bind developing. So yeah greg, i’m starting to learn what a good bind feels like and can throw in confidence.

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I found the best way to learn binds when I was beginning was to always go in the direction the Yo-Yo was spinning, consequently…That turned out to be the right direction to begin with. It will shoot back to your hand almost every time. Or use 2 fingers in the beginning, it helped me until I got good 1 finger binds down. Going forward, the Yo-Yo hops over the front and going out of a Break Away the Yo-Yo goes under the string. Stick with it though, if you are going to get deep into Unresponsive and 1A it is a must to have down.

one thing that i found that help is to just sit there throwing a sleeper then binding throwing a sleeper and binding. After a while you get really good at binding and then you can just mess around trying different binds and air binds.

What I found out was that if I just pinch the loop on my non-throw hand and sort of feed it into the gap, the chances of getting knot are next to zero.


Binding is not just holding a mount and “hope” for the loop slack to bind when you release it. You have to move your non-throw hand downward while pinching and actually feel the bind BEFORE you release the slack.

Practice, practice, practice!