How to bind yoyo string easily for unresponsive yoyo tricks

Hi again. I wanted to learn how to play with the unresponsive yoyo, because i usually using the responsive yoyo. A little story, i asked my mom to bought me the unresponsive yoyo in the toys store in my country 2 months ago because i wanted to learn 1A tricks. But i don’t know how to bind it. I search any video tutorial via youtube and i failed. My question is how to bind yoyo easily? And this is a picture of my yoyo line_1529072513619

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Here you go. The “Learning” section on this website is packed full of 1A tutorials too. Hope this helps! Good luck! I remember my first bind felt like actual magic


If you search “how to bind a yoyo” on YouTube you’ll get a lot of videos teaching binds.