Bind - what is it?

Hey guys, I saw the video on the binding and saw that if you have a unresponsive yo-yo to do that trapeze thing.

So does this mean when you do a sleeper after doing the bind and tug the yo-yo it will come up?
and what causes it to be unresponsive?
How much do you have to keep binding it?


Well, the yoyo is can be unresponsive for many reasons.

It could have a wide gap (probably)
It could have a less responsive response type

That’s what I can guess since you seem to be a beginner.

You have to bind every time you want the yoyo back up to your hand. If its not going back up to your hand then you are either doing something wrong or the response is worn out.( Its probably the way you are doing it).

To bind, let me put it simply;

If you are going from trapeze, cross the two sides and (pretty much) let the loop go int the gap. I dont suggest this way at all.

You know the frontal trapeze? It is when the loop is around your throw hand but is farthest away from you. From that cross the loop and the string from your throw hand. Move the loop towards the gap and have it snag in there. It is suppose to snag, but when you throw it again, it should come out smoothly.

Its hard to explain in words just watch the video a couple of times and practice. I hope someone clears this up for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope I helped!

Sounds like your a little confused on what’s requiredd to bind in the first place. No problem though, everyone here’s really nice and we can helo you learn as much as needed.

To perform a bind return, you don’t actually need to land a trapeze first.
To bind, first throw a sleeper with a UNresponsive yoyo. Now before it runs out of spin time, place your finger on the front of the string, and flip the yoyo around, landing it back on the string. Once it’s on, you should have a small loop over your finger. Pull this loop towards yourself in a downward motion into the yoyos gap. The yoyo should then begin to climb the string.

To anwser your other questions, a yoyo is unresponsive when it’s response system is reccesed flush with the inside of the yoyo. Your Brain yoyo uses a starburst (hard plastic teeth) as a reponse, but the yoyo also uses a clutch mechanism with makes the yoyo return on it’s own.
For more info on response systems, please follow the following the links:

And adressing your last question, with a you only need to bind once to return the yoyo to your hand.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to send me a PM or post other thread.

Found a video

So do you have to bind before each trick or something or is just becomes unresponsive. OR do you have to always end a trick in a trapeze fashion to bring the yo yo back.

So the pro’s they work with unreponsive yoyo’s when doing all those fancy tricks and use the bind to bring it back to their hand is that it?

Yah, bind brings it back to the hand at the end of a trick. They do it because the unresponsive yoyos dont come back with a tug. They have to make it come back with a bind.

Can you still do looping tricks with the unresponsive yo-yo?


O I think I am starting to see.

But what about those people who are in competitions and do loops and crazy string tricks. Is that just a yoyo that sleeps a long time that is still responsive?

Frequently, those tricks in 1A have little secret binds in them that make them return and do those loops and regenerations. Most players compete with unresponsive yoyos.

All those looping tricks are often called 2a (as described here). They usually use a yoyo with a ball bearing, which is what makes the difference between the “professional” yoyos and some of the ones you pick up at a toy store.

As for 1a, yes, with an unresponsive yoyo, you have to do a bind of some kind to bring the yoyo back. However, most yoyos can be made responsive so that you don’t have to do that, but playing unresponsive does have its benefits: complicated string tricks are made easier because you don’t have to worry about the yoyo shooting up mid-trick, and often larger gap widths allow for most wraps around the bearing during tricks before the string starts to rub the response.

so them really expensive yoyo’s such as that duncan MG at about $500 come unresponsive?

Also never realized how many styles there were. The Hydra style looks pretty interesting and that 1/2A where you just use half the yoyo seems interesting as well.

Wonder if anyone ever tried to do them here.

Also are you saying when people compete they use the unresponsive yoyo and always do some kinda binding to bring it up? Is that a pain to do?

Most of the really expensive ones are unresponsive, but I’ve heard different things particularly about the MG. Honestly though, most people don’t consider those super expensive ones to be worth the price, unless they just want to collect them.

Yeah, several people here have done most of those styles, and in fact, Jayyo is the creator of a few of them, such as 1/2A. (Jayyo is Josh Yee)

Yes, when people use unresponsive yoyos, they almost always do some kind of a bind. Once you learn to bind well, it just becomes second nature. However, playing unresponsive isn’t necessary if you don’t want to try to learn binding, but it’s also an overall good skill to have at your disposal.

Those guys who go up there… binding is the least of their concerns :wink: