Your Yoyo doesn't work :(

‘Its not coming back up. Its spoilt…’

Thats what i’m often told when someone tries out my unresponsive yoyos. Then i try to explain how it works and just after i mention ‘response’ and ‘bind’, the person has already admitted that my yoyo’s too complicated.

What is the simplest way that you can explain to an ordinary person how a non-responsive yoyo works?(without being a jerk)

you know, i had someone THROW AWAY one of my yoyos because it wouldnt come back up??! talk about irritated.
Just tell them its a professional yoyo and it will only come up if you bind the string…or wrap the string around the yoyo so that it grabs the yoyo and brings it back up

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Odd how you mention being a jerk. I think you SHOULD be a jerk. Well, for lack of a better term.

As in:
A responsive yoyo will come back with a jerk or a tug. The gap tends to be smaller, so it’s easier to give it a tug to give it some slack which will cause the string to rub on the response system, grip and wind up.

A unresponsive yoyo has a wider gap, so we have to get some extra string in the gap to make it come back. It’s a trick we call “the bind”. It’s more advanced.

ALSO, carry a responsive yoyo with you from now on. That way when they try, they can get better results. It helps a lot. You can say “OK, this is how a responsive yoyo behaves” and let them try that. Then say “OK, now watch” and throw a sleeper and tug it and show them how it won’t come back, and say “that’s an unresponsive yoyo”, then explain how you have to do this thing called a bind to get it back and then show them. They may not understand, but they’ll either think it’s cool or they’ll be done.

Just explain that the unresponsive play allows you do do more tricks easier and get longer spin times and that you prefer playing unresponsive yoyos. If you’re playing in public and want to deal with the “common man”, carry a responsive yoyo set up to be very responsive and let them try that.


This happens to me, also. People ask me things like, “Why do you always do that flippy thingy after every trick?” Haha it’s quite funny, especiall after I explain to them they look at me like ???.

I think thats a universal look that all yoyoers get from ‘muggles’…hehe. I’d do a boingyboingy,and whut, white buddha, still they’d insist on me doing a bind over and over again. Which i gladly oblige:)

Thanks man. Going to walk around with my Velocity more often :slight_smile:

That indeed IS the height of frustration. Sorry man. And thanks for the input. I like that word…‘Grabs’…

I honestly just tell them it’s ‘magic’ and they believe me. Funny what drugs do to high school kids, they’ll believe anything

No. It’s funny what high school does to high school kids. They’ll believe anything.

I don’t throw in public much. maybe once I can do some advanced 2 tricks, that might change. But I have a ONE for “general use” purposes.

Carrying a Duncan Imperial keychain yo-yo will come in handy. It’s small, compact, and cheap.

I have one. I might get another. It’s a bit hard to use! The small size!