I got a yoyo and it wont come back up now

Hi guys I just started yoyoing and i have been playing with a fireball and yesterday i got my yoyorecreation overdrive from my mom for being good but it wont come back up what do i do?


Give this a look:


Edit - I was ninja’d! Ninja’d!

You might also just browse through this whole area: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/

You have a non responsive yoyo. That’s a good thing. But now you have to learn this:

Ninja’d :slight_smile:

Fear my ninja powers.

By the way, kid, the Overdrive is a top of the line yoyo. It will take you all the way through master level tricks and beyond.

You Mean To Infinity And Beyond ;).

My 2 cents - lube the bearing to make it a bit responsive.

That is a big leap. How good were you ?

Fireball to Overdrive…

Baby steps be damned.



I think your yoyo is busted. You should just send it to me since it doesn’t work. :wink:

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don’t send it to him. Your Yoyo is unresponsive which is Yoyo term for it not to come up unless you do a bind. Once you start learning tricks with the unresponsive a bin will be like second nature.

He was joking.

Abby takes many things literal. Good Ol’ Abby.

I think this is a troll. Think.

This better be trolling.

im pretty good i can do rock the baby i added vaseline in my bearing but i took off the rubber band around the yoyo bearing thing and now its weird what did i do wrong? should i buy more rubber bands?

I was?

by rubber bands do you mean response pads? were they actually on the side of the yoyo