I got a yoyo and it wont come back up now

Umm this sounds like a troll, since he put Vaseline in a bearing. If not then congrats on a throw that is top notch.

Wow a fireball to a yyr.

That’s quite the mother.  The Overdrive is an unresponsive yoyo, meaning it won’t come back without a bind, a bind is a trick that purposely forces string into the gap of the yoyo, causing the string to wrap around the bearing and forcing the yoyo back up.  Also, the Overdrive is a 200$ yoyo, if I were you, I would keep it someplace safe and learn more tricks on a much cheaper yoyo.  Or I would sell it and buy 5 yoyos :smiley:

Here’s a good video on binding

Yeah, sell it for $200 and get a few other throws.

ok so i went to orchard supply and bought some silicone cuz thats what people said to get but now my bearing is stuck what do i do

I think you should seek out a yoyo club or other players in your area who can sit down and explain things to you.

did you put it in the bearing or in the response recess?!?!?!?!?!?! ???

I can’t take this seriously without pictures. It seems almost impossible a parent would go from checkout line at the grocery store to YYR.

Pure awesome.


i got this silicone if that is what your asking for

This is hilarious. Haha. I can’t take this seriously.

That’s gasket marker lol.

If you are not a troll private message me and I will help you. Other then that  , all signs are pointing to troll

That’s the right stuff. But yeah, seems likely he’s trolling.

Seems like its a troll but if it isn’t then he has one crazy mom to just buy her son a yyr



I’m not sure to laugh at how easily this guy trolled you or how dumb some of you are. Lol