help yoyoing


so I haven’t played with a yoyo since I was like 10 or sum thing any way im 24 now and I bought a yoyo the other day, (brought back so many good child hood memories) but I know this is gonna sound stupid I don’t know what the hell im doing wrong haha when I go to throw it the yoyo wont come back up even when I try to pull it up, so can any one give me sum pointers pls! ???


Well, most likely you have an unresponsive yoyo. Do you know what your yoyo is called?


its a duncan freakhand series yoyo


I’m pretty sure the freak hand is responsive, so all you need to do to get it to come up is throw it hard and correctly.


fo show well thanks


It may not be coming back up because once freakhands bearings break in the usually go unresponsive due to the new recessed pads. So all you have to do it go to the learn section and find Bind and it’ll teach you how to bring the yoyo back up.

I would reccomend keep using the freak hand and get the basic down and then after that I would suggest getting a YYJ Surge it’s a very good cheap unresponsive plastic that cost $15.99. And that should be able to get you until you can’t resist temptations.


Learning to bind is a good idea, but if you want to just practice throwing the yoyo you can quadruple or quintuple loop the string around the axle.


thanks for all the positive feed back 8)


Eventually, the silicone stickers and the lube in the bearing will break down, causing the yoyo to become more and more unresponsive. I personally just clean the bearings and enjoy an unresponsive yoyo.

These days, with wing-shaped yoyos, it’s all about unresponsive play. Skip ahead in the tricks sections to learn how to bind and you’ll be all set.