Responsive yoyo doesn't come back to my hand

Hey everybody,

I am now playing yoyo since a few weeks with the yoyofactory ONE and everything was fine, but now it doesn’t come back to my hand when i pull it. I tried to change the bearing with a bearing tool which came with the yoyo but it didn’t work. Now I can get it to my hand with the bind but I can’t do some tricks anymore, like the brain twister, because it doesn’t come back.

Maybe I should clean or oil the bearing or something? But I can’t even loose the bearing so what should I do?

Thanks for any help,

Check your response pads, then try thicker string, or double loop the string around the axle :wink:

Good luck, should be an easy fix!

Try putting some thick lube on the bearing also. Unless of course, you don’t have some (if not, get some!). It works everytime.

You can do brain twister on an unresponsive yoyo.

A good example of thick lube is 3 in 1 oil. You probably already have that.

Let us know how it goes.