DM Problems

So i got my new Dark magic the other day and am very impressed by its unresponsiveness since i could not perform many of the intermidate tricks with my yomega saberwing fireball (would sleep for like thirty seconds and tilts alot). Anyway, now that i got my dm, it won’t EVER come back unless i do a bind. The gravity pull won’t work!! Is this my fault, am i doing something wrong? Or do i need to do something to my yoyo for it to work? I’m new to this give me a break ;D! Specificly im talking about the brain twister video, but a solution to bieng able to have my yoyo return without the bind is the question!..?

Don’t worry. This just means your bearing has broken in, and the yoyo will be unresponsive. Unresponsive play is just how we play nowadays, so generally, you should just get used to binding. However, if you want to make it come up easily, you can just lube the bearing. It should slow it down, and while it may not spin as long it will come back easier :wink:

hmm. try tightening your gap all the way. but once it stops, dont crank it anymore or it could break. and make sure you tug hard, because you might be used to the fireball coming up very easily

No its not, its ok when the yoyo is unresponsive, its just plays well when its unresponsive. Some yoyos can be unresponsive and some yoyos are responsive. Unresponsive yoyos can play vey smooth.

Happy Throwing! =]

Why yes, the fireball did come up easily, way to easily and it got annoying, so i went with the dm. Based on Samad’s post, the yoyo’s used in the tutorials are lubed, which means i have nothing to worry about if i must bind to return it?

i didnt know he lubed them because some people i know use dark magics and come up with a tight gap. i dont know, they may have lubed it. and if you buy thick lube, buy thin lube also, because you will eventually want it unresponsive

The Fireball is an imperial yoyo which means a looping yoyo, so thats why Fireball can’t do string tricks unless basic tricks like rock the baby, loop the loop, eiffel tower, etc.

Happy Throwing! =]

he said he had the sabrewing…is that imperial?

yea it was a saber wing, the traditional fireball is an imperial, i just forgot to say on my last post it was a saberwing. i have my dm as tight as it gets, and it still will not come up. On the binding tutorial, how andre bounces his yoyo up and down as an example of how a yoyo doesent return, is exactly how mine acts :), but in his other videos it comes up upon command. Lubing seems to be the most likely answer i have heard so far, any other suggestions of how it is done?

Maybe silicone. If you have silicone square with the top, it’s responsive.

Hello yoyo world :stuck_out_tongue: This is my first post (I haven’t take the time yet for the introduction part) and I have a question. I am also using DM (my first yoyo) and I am VERY satisfied with it. I don’t have much experience with other yoyos, but I learned some basic tricks (braintwister, split the atom, atomic bomb, mach5,…) pretty fast (considering that I have my yoyo for about two weeks), so I can say that DarkMagic is a great choice

My question:
I have some concerns about the AXLE. Should I lube it from time to time, I don’t want it to rust and I also don’t want it to get unscrewed by itself. Hope to got answers soon. ???

That’s it, if you have some questions about DM, fell free to ask me or PM me. Bye :wink:

you could always try a heavier string.

The axle is not likely to rust. But if it starts to unscrew by itself, you probably want to try out some blue threadlocker. I don’t think lube will help that much.

Fixed ;D

The problem about the axle unscrewing itself shouldn’t happen as long as you have it screwed in far enough. You should be able to feel where its really easy to screw in and out and then where it’s not easy and it doesn’t just spin freely. Make sure it’s in the harder part to turn and it shouldn’t come out.
The question about another way of returning it to your hand without binding. I would recommend learning to bind but if you don’t want to do that then, like others have said, get some think lube. You shouldn’t need very much of it but it slows the bearing down and makes it easier to return. Also, make sure the gap is tightened all or almost all of the way, but this will have problems when you do string tricks with multiple strings in the gap.

Something else that I’ve done with mine is putting a double loop on the bearing and then tightening it all the way. It wasn’t super responsive that way, but I could get it to come up without a bind.

well,the axle could also be strriped,even if it is tightened all the way it will still unscrew itself if stripped,but that shouldnt happen for a while :).

True, but that would take lots and lots and screwing and unscrewing, or trying to screw it into something that had the wrong width threads, so I don’t know.

for the later tricks, it really does not matter if the yoyo comes back by itself any way right, it has better spin times with a wider gap?

Yes. For the later tricks you want it to not come back to your hand easy without a bind so you make the gap wider. Making the gap wider in and of itself doesn’t make it spin longer, it just makes it harder for the string to hit the sides and that is why it spins longer.