Weird Binds?

Whenever I bind, I get weird loops in my yo yo. Sometimes it makes the yoyo not travel all the way down the the string. Anyways, here are some pics.

Also, my legacy is so unresponsive that it makes doing some simple beginner tricks hard. For example, around the world will just keep on going and going in circles, it’ll never shoot back to my hand. Is there any way to make it more responsive without thick lube? (I only have thin lube).

Plus, how do I open my yoyo?

I have that sometimes, Just throw down again and rebind.

your binds are to big.
try to get the loop closer to the yoyo while you throw it into it.
just practice pulling the loop down while you throw it into the yoyo and it should be fixed

Yup just make the loop smaller when you bind and you’ll be fine.

And make sure you do backspin binds.

I get those too sometimes. Its what I call a sloppy bind. Works but sometimes it will let your knuckles know its stuck. lol LIke these guy’s said, justs make your loop smaller.

k, thanks

You unscrew the yoyo.

The yoyo won’t let me unscrew

Are you turning it the right way?

I’ve tried turning it both ways.

Plus, how do I make it more responsive without thick lube?

Make sure the gap is tightened all the way. Also, double wrap around the axle. If Pheenix sees this, he has a picture for it if you don’t understand.

ohhh, is double looping like…
when you double wrap a rubberband to make it have less of a gap??

Well I tried it the way I explained above and its still very unresponsive.

Found it. You could also try triple wrapping.