What is wrong with my binds?

I’ve just started my first attempt at unresponsive yoyoing. Every time I do a bind I end up with a loop wound up in the string. About 10 percent of the time that l loop won’t unwind the next time I throw the yoyo.

What am I doing wrong?


Which type of bind? There are several.

Assuming we’re talking about frontstyle bind: Too much of a loop, combined with crossing the string and dropping or throwing it towards the back (towards your body). Snaggy binds every time.

To fix this, after you make your loop, pinch it. Keep it in front instead of crossing back over the string. Lift with your throwhand until the bind happens. You don’t really have to think too hard about when to let go of the loop; it’ll be obvious.

Don’t let go before the bind, let go when you feel the bind. In time, and with practice, you won’t even really process it that way, it’ll all just happen.

practice. a lot.

I made a tutorial that shows a pretty easy way to do it


themotoman’s video shows exactly the kind of bind I was describing. Video is usually so much more helpful than a description. :slight_smile:

Could part of my problem be that the yoyo is too responsive? I have a Velocity set to full unresponsive but it still responds with a little extra tugging.

it might be your bearing if it’s still responsive.

That will make your binds more susceptible to snags. You may want to clean your bearing to get the Velocity completely unresponsive.

But even with a slightly responsive yoyo clean binds are very possible. It’s probably frustrating now but with practice you’ll get a better feel for binding reducing the incidence of snags.