Crazily unresposive yo-yo.

Hey guys,

I’m a complete novice, so please excuse me :stuck_out_tongue:

The other day I got my first Yoyo from Ebay, It’s a JunXu Ultrasonic (if you’ve heard of it). The problem I have is that it’s very, very unresponsive. I’ve been playing with it basically non-stop and have been having real trouble getting it to return (via a gravity pull) with enough tension to get a decent sleeper on the next throw. I’ve been attempting to learn how to bind but I fear that it may be a little to advanced for a complete noob like me.

So, should I stick with trying to bind or is there another/better way of making my yoyo more resposive?

Try some thick lube from this site

Thick lube and trying more/different response systems would be my advice.

Seriously dude… Binding isnt really that hard. Just Practice! My friend learned how to bind in like 2hours and he just started yoyoing. And dont call yourself a noob. :slight_smile:

go ahead ant tie one knot around the axle for now. practice binding. once you feel like it it too responsive, untie the knot around the axle.

Dont call yourself a noob! Everybodys there at one point, so in my opinion, your gonna have to learn to bind sometime, why not now! :smiley: Also double wrapping the axle would help alot probably! Hope you solve your predicament!

Like everyone says, binding is not as difficult as it looks, and there are some very simple bind variations! Here’s a great video for figuring out what in my opinion, is the simplest bind.

Binding is easy, i just learned how to bind, i learned it in half an hour, takes time, and PRACTICE

Hah! Not even Brian, it took you FOREVER! JK. ;D