Need Advice.

OK, so im relatively new to yoyoing and on a recomendation i bought a legacy. It works great, i love it and im learning at a fast rate, but it is really unresponsive. It responds to long loop binds from a braintwister mount but it wont respond so smaller loops from other bind methods. Is there any way i can make it slightly more responsive? I dont want it so responsive that i can tug and it will shoot up, i just want it a little more responsive.

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There is really nothing to replace, but you could try YoYoJam silicone o-rings, not flush silicone, like the Legacy.

Or, try YoYoNation, and go with a different silicone o-ring response for your Legacy.

Good luck! :wink:

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Make sure it is tightened all the way, and actually it is easier to bind from a front style trapeze rather than from a brain twister mount.

Thanks guys. Yea it is all the way tightened, and im workin on that front mount, just quite cant get it, i only got the yoyo yesterday so im still a noob.

Nope. You’re wrong. You’re already learning binds so you can’t be a “noob” because that would mean you were brand new to the world of yoyoing.

You can try putting some drops of thin lube in it…

Here… try some different style binds… I found the undermount bind always worked best with my legacy… (Which I cant find at the moment) and after you get binding down check out some of Gerard’s other trick tutorials… He has some good tricks…
Good luck!

Ok im workin on that front trapeze like bind and it is working pretty well, i just need to master it and get smaller loops so i get less knots hanging out of my yoyo after the bind. Thanks for the advice guys.

btw, the legacy i got yesterday is the first yoyo ive ever got, i just learned to bind right away and it has been good. I know thats probably not the way you’re supposed to start but it has worked for me.


Hey, if you can learn binds before most of the other tricks, more power to you.

Not pointing at you, but my friend has a Legacy. It has a gap where if you un-screw it a little, it will come off while spinning.

Like an eight8eight. Has a shallow bearing seat.

(Not to you)
The binds would be spinning a different way if you throw a Breakaway compared to a Sleeper. :wink:

i have this same problem.been yoyoing for 2-3 months now and wanted to upgrade from my lizard & tigershark.was going to buy a legacy but figured i may as well put out the other 15 bucks and get the dark magic.ended up with a new breed.used some thick lube and was more responsive.i then bought a kk bearing because it was hard to center with the huge gap.put some thin lube on it to help with sleep timenow its totally unresponsive unless i do front style binds.i was wondering if using type 9 (3+3) string will help.i dont want to add any lube if possible.thanks!

Next time, check the date on the post before you. This topic was two weeks old.

The New Breed was made to be unresponsive. Using a different type of string might help but not significantly.