how to make lyn fury responsive with out lube??pls help!

hey guys uhmm im a beginner and well i bought my first yoyo and i got it today. its a lyn fury but i got some problem cause it doesnt respond. i watched some vid saying put some lube on it but i dont want to buy lube and w8 for 5 days again. so pls help me with my problem. thanks. :-[ yeah and the problem with binding is that like are you gonna do a bind every trick even the simplest ones like walk the dog???pls help!

Honestly, I would recomend just stickin git out and learning the bind move (tut on this site). It will either cause you much annoyance, or be easy :P, I think it’s in the second section, try it and you’ll most likely be able to get the yoyo back to your hand by binding long before thick lube would arrive in the mail.

Thats just IMO, but I think thats a good option.

just try binding but if you cant try tightening the gap on it to make it more responsive

I think its great that you want to learn responsive first! It will make you a much better player in the end. Trust me it will make you smooth!

If you want you can put a little veggie oil in your bearing. Eventually you will need to clean it out but it will work. It will keep it responsive. Its not gonna hurt anything either. I would use it for about two weeks then clean it out and put more in. This will get you by till you can either buy some lube. Or you could go to a hardware store and get some 3-n-1 oil. Its perfect for this. with either lube you can just drop some on the side of the shield and let it sit for a minute or two. Then wipe it off and put it back in your yoyo. You should be good to go. It would be easier to take the shield off to do it then put it back on.

DOnt clean with water!?!?! you amy know this already but im just makin sure

when I got mine it was responsive I play it all the time now it is unresponsive

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